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How to Dispose STLTH Vape Pods | STLTH

Vape pod systems are a great way to switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping without compromising on convenience. The relatively inexpensive startup cost and the simplicity of the design make pod vapes one of the top options for those looking to make the switch. 

Truly, one of the only major drawbacks to pod systems is the disposable nature of the pods themselves and the impact their use and subsequent waste has on the environment. In most places, vape pods and disposable vapes can’t be recycled in the regular blue blox, nor should they be thrown in the trash.

While there are special municipal facilities where non recyclable and hazardous materials can be dropped off, they are few and far between with some even charging for the service. Without a convenient option for recycling vape products, frustrated consumers end up just throwing them in the trash where they don’t belong. 

To address this issue, STLTH has formed a nationwide recycling program where users can return their spent pods, free of charge, at any one of our participating partner locations across the country.


STLTH Recycling Program

Keeping your vape pods out of landfills couldn’t be simpler with STLTH’s recycling program. Just take your empty STLTH and STLTH X pods to any of the participating locations across Canada and drop them in the black STLTH recycling container.


Once the bins are full, the pods are shipped to our facility for sorting. From there they are sent on to our recycling partner where they are dismantled and the materials are repurposed. 

With this program, we are able to keep thousands of pods out of landfills, and less waste in landfills means a more sustainable future for all of us. Check out our store locator to find a participating location near you. Participating locations will have a green recycling pin identifiable on our store map.


Tree Canada

In addition to our recycling efforts, STLTH is also a proud partner of Tree Canada, a national non-profit organization that plants trees across the country to revitalize and protect Canada’s tree canopy. 


Tree Canada works with its partners, governments, and communities to plant new trees in areas affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, invasive species destruction, and fire.

A portion of every STLTH purchase goes towards planting new trees across Canada through this program. Check out our article about our partnership with Tree Canada to learn more about STLTH’s dedication to the environment.