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Understanding Nicotine | STLTH

Nicotine is an organic alkaloid found in tobacco plants and products. It is the chemical responsible for tobacco’s addictive nature due to its ability to quickly interact with neurotransmitters to release dopamine.

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What Does Filled in Canada Mean? | STLTH

A filled-in-Canada vape product is high quality, uses only verified GRAS ingredients, and adheres to all health and safety restrictions set out in the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act.

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A Look Inside the STLTH Facility | STLTH

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a vape company’s facility? Now’s your chance to catch a glimpse inside the STLTH facility where our internal R&D team, analytic chemistry team, and our manufacturing and quality control team make sure your pod is the highest quality vape we can provide.

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What is in Vape Juice: Understanding Vape Ingredients | STLTH

Have you ever wondered what vape juice is made of? We’ve got the breakdown of the four major components of e-liquid: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavouring, and nicotine.

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What Vape Should I Get?: Closed Pod vs Tank Systems | STLTH

We’ve put together everything you need to choose between closed pods and tank vape systems.

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