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STLTH Products come with a one (1) year limited warranty from the date of retail purchase by the original purchaser.

  1. STLTH Vape only warranties STLTH Products that have defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Warranty does not apply when the device was purchased through a 3rd party reseller such as eBay or Craigslist. 
  2. Warranty replacement cannot be claimed if the product is damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, water, fire, earthquake, or other external causes and environmental conditions. This includes the damages caused by using anything other than STLTH Pod e-liquid in STLTH devices. Warranty is inapplicable in cases where the product has been modified, disassembled etc. Warranty claims will not be accepted if the instructions of use are neglected.

In cases where the warranty applies STLTH Vape will replace your STLTH product(s) with a new one.

You may be required to send the faulty device back upon request from our Customer Service Team. Unfortunately, we will be unable to process further warranty claims until we receive that faulty device. In case you are required to send the faulty device back, you will be provided with a prepaid return shipping label to send your faulty product(s) back to us for testing, alongside your replacement product(s).

The below information is required to complete the warranty form: 

  1. Attached photo of the original receipt showing the date of purchase and purchase price. If purchased online, please provide your order number and date of purchase.
  2. Proof of legal smoking age (Copy of Government-Issued Photo ID)
  3. Explanation of the issue.

Please fill out the Warranty Replacement Form Here.

We recommend you check out our FAQ Page to troubleshoot your issues before requesting a replacement.

If you have further questions or information to provide, please contact us at