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STLTH Vape was started by a group of entrepreneurs, all of whom were ex-smokers. An introduction to vaping products almost a decade ago quickly helped our founder's transition away from traditional cigarettes. This life-changing experience confirmed their belief in the potential of vaping systems.

They knew, however, in order for vaping systems to be adopted by adult smokers it would have to be one that is practical, affordable, and effective.

With that in mind, they developed a simple yet powerful mission: 

To provide adult smokers with a real alternative to traditional tobacco products.

With ongoing investments in Canadian production, such as filling and packaging, supported by a wide array of subject matter experts from science and technology to user experience and customer support, STLTH continues  to advance towards our vision:

A world free of nicotine addiction.

We strive to be transparent and available when our customers have questions or concerns. Please contact us for any information.