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What is Tree Canada?

Tree Canada is a national non-profit organization that plants trees across Canada in urban and rural spaces. The organization also conducts environmental research and hosts outreach and engagement events as well as offers a number of grants to educational institutions and communities.  

The goal of Tree Canada is to revitalize and protect Canada’s tree canopy by educating, enabling, and inspiring the people of Canada to improve their lives and help the planet through the planting and nurturing of trees. 

Since its founding in 1992, Tree Canada has planted over 84 million trees in over 700 communities across the nation. Tree Canada has even been a part of the restoration of 10 communities following disasters 

Tree Canada is committed to creating a better, greener Canada by working alongside its partners, governments, and communities to deliver measurable results while providing the highest levels of professional integrity, educational quality, and community service.

How Does it Work?

In addition to planting trees through the National Greening Program, Tree Canada is also engaged in a number of other initiatives, both internal and in partnership, such as Operation ReLeaf, the Winnipeg Million Tree Challenge, and the Urban Forest Conference. 


With the National Greening Program, Tree Canada partners with businesses across the country, including STLTH, to raise funds that are used to purchase and plant seedling trees. Through this program, companies can help to offset some of their carbon emissions and material use. 


The National Greening Program helps to restore natural habitats and provide cleaner soil, air, and waterways through the nurturing of forest spaces. Tree Canada even has a browser extension called Offset Mode that can be installed on Google Chrome browsers and will calculate your real-time carbon impact and provide the exact donation amount required to offset your internet usage. 


Through Operation ReLeaf, Tree Canada helps to replant areas that have suffered from natural disasters such as floods, tornados, fires, hurricanes, and even devastation from pests. The program was created in 1996 in response to the Saguenay, Quebec, floods and has been providing assistance to communities in need ever since. 


In addition to its own internally run programs, Tree Canada also works in partnership with a number of local, municipal, and provincial programs including the Winnipeg Million Tree Challenge. 


The Winnipeg Million Tree Challenge was set by Mayor Brian Bowman to encourage companies, organizations, and individuals in the city of Winnipeg to plant as many trees as possible with the hope that, together, a million new trees can be planted in and around Winnipeg before the city reaches a population of one million, a milestone set to be achieved sometime close to the year 2040.


While planting new trees is a wonderful step towards restoring and protecting our natural spaces, conservation must always contain an element of education. To this end, Tree Canada hosts a number of engagement, outreach, and research events, such as the Urban Forest Conference.


Utilizing its massive network of experts, practitioners, and academics, Tree Canada’s Urban Forest Conference brings together the top minds in the field with advocates and industries that can then work together to implement real change that will make Canada greener, more vibrant, and a more sustainable and pleasant place to live.

Why is it Important?

It is no exaggeration to say that the impacts of our industrialized society have taken a serious toll on the health of our planet resulting in climate change that is already causing devastation in every corner of the globe. 


In order to combat these perilous conditions, it is imperative that we find ways to increase green spaces that can help to offset carbon emissions at the same time as companies work to reduce those emissions, to begin with.


In addition to the ecological benefits of planting trees, the increase in green spaces within urban communities has also been shown to have psychological, social, and even economic benefits for the people in those communities. Urban green spaces are a vital part of urban life and, as such, need to be protected.

STLTH’s Dedication to the Environment

As a participant in the National Greening Program, STLTH has helped plant 7,500 new trees in Canada. Every sale of STLTH products contributes to the planting of more trees. 


STLTH is also dedicated to reducing the amount of waste created by vaping products through the operation of a nationwide vape pod recycling program. We have partnered with vape shops across the country to make recycling your spent pods as easy as possible. 


All you have to do is take your used pods to any of the drop-off locations listed in our store locator and deposit them into the recycling container. Once the pods are accumulated at the drop-off locations, they are then transported to our facility to be sorted and then forwarded on to our recycling partner. 


With STLTH pods, you can rest easy knowing that your empties aren’t ending up in a landfill and that every purchase you make means more new trees planted across Canada for a better, greener, more sustainable future.