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A Look Inside the STLTH Facility

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a vape company’s facility? Now’s your chance to catch a glimpse inside. Check out our facility video and get all the details below.

STLTH Pods are filled in-house at our STLTH facility and head office in Scarborough, Ontario, for distribution to over 7,000 partnering retail locations across Canada.

The STLTH team consists of an internal R&D team, analytic chemistry team, and our manufacturing and quality control team.


Internal R&D

Everything at STLTH starts with our internal R&D team, who are constantly working on innovating the newest vape technology to deliver the best possible vaping experience to STLTH users.


Having our electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers as well as our product management group all in-house allows the teams to work together for a more cohesive overall design and experience. This is why we strongly recommend you only use STLTH pods with a STLTH device and vice versa.


Our collaborative working environment also allows our R&D team to troubleshoot issues using root cause analysis for any aspect of the devices or pods with the complete functionality of the system in mind.


In order to make product adjustments and build better devices and pods for the future, the STLTH R&D team uses 3D printing technology to achieve rapid prototyping.


Analytic Chemistry Team

The STLTH analytic chemistry team is at the heart of STLTH’s superior compliance in the vape industry. Our chemists use GC-MS, LCMS-MS, HPLC, and ICP-MS machinery to test for impurities and carbonyls in all of our e-liquids.


The analytic chemistry team also ensures that all of our products meet with ISO 9001 certification guidelines and all federal and provincial government regulations including ingredient quality and nicotine concentration.


Lab inspections and quality control inspections of all e-liquid materials are done frequently to ensure that each batch of pods meets our strict standards for compliance and quality.


Customized Automation Manufacturing

The bulk of our facility space is taken up by our manufacturing operations. Pods are filled using automated feeders and fillers designed and implemented by our in-house engineers and subject matter experts.


With multiple filling and packaging stations for both our STLTH and STLTH X lines, we are able to process multiple products simultaneously, all tracked through our step-by-step tracing system. With this track and trace system, we are able to identify the exact batch, date, time, product, and machine that your vape was filled and packaged in our facility.


Not only does our track and trace system allow us to quickly address any quality control issues that may be found during one of our frequent quality inspections, but it also helps us to create a greater level of transparency for our users.


In order to ensure that all of our pods and devices meet our strict standards, our quality control team performs regular manufacturing process audits and product checks throughout the manufacturing process.


All of this hard work and dedication by the STLTH team translates into a quality vape product filled in Canada by the nation's compliance leader.