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STLTH X Pod Pack - Straw Orange Banana


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What's in the box

Each pack contains 3 pod cartridges.

Straw Orange Banana - Sip on the sweet taste of summer with this tropical blend of strawberry orange and banana.

2.0 mL of E-liquid per cartridge.


The new STLTH X pods feature a custom-designed absorbent material that holds the e-liquid in place. By storing the liquid inside this absorbent material, there is a reduced chance that you will experience a leak. This system also provides increased airflow which results in smoother and denser pulls.

The nicotine blend is proprietary, purposely made to be extra smooth to accommodate adult smokers who are looking to switch from traditional tobacco.  


A unique nicotine blend optimized for the STLTH system with a harsher hit to replace the satisfaction of 50mg.