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Experience The Tangy And Robust Taste Of Juicy Purple Grapes, Infused With A Powerful Punch Of Flavour

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What's in the box

Each package contains 1 disposable vape device.

Available in 20 mg/mL nicotine strength.

Each 3K disposable holds 6 mL of e-liquid for up to 3,000 puffs.

The internal 800 mAh battery comes precharged and lasts for the full life of the disposable. 


STLTH 3K is designed to offer an exceptional disposable vape experience with all of the quality and transparency of STLTH pods in the convenient form of a disposable. 

The nicotine blend used in STLTH disposables is proprietary and purposely made to give the user a smooth experience to help accommodate adult smokers who are looking to make the switch from traditional tobacco-based nicotine sources like cigarettes and cigars.  

STLTH 3K disposables are made with professionally crafted flavours that deliver bold and true-to-life tastes. Experience the sweetness of Grape Punch, the exotic fruitiness of Tropical Punch, or the tingling coolness of Mint.


As a participant in the National Greening Program, every sale of STLTH products contributes to the planting of more trees with the help of Tree Canada, a national non-profit organization. Thanks to your purchase, STLTH has helped plant over 7,900 new trees in Canada.


Q: What flavours are available for STLTH 3K disposable vapes?

A: STLTH 3K disposable vapes are currently available in 12 flavours. Please view all available flavours here.

Q: What is the best way to store my STLTH 3K disposables?

A: Please store your STLTH disposables out of the reach of children and pets. It is best to store disposables at room temperature and keep them upright. Under hot or cold conditions, similar to other portable electronics containing lithium-ion batteries, the battery can potentially have safety hazards.

Q: Can I open my STLTH 3K disposable and refill it with my own e-liquid?

A: STLTH disposable vapes are not designed for refills or re-use. Each unit is designed for one-time use, to maintain product quality and a positive user experience.

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