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Our Mission

STLTH's mission is to offer an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes by providing a smokeless product that is practical and satisfying to adult smokers. 

The company was started by a group of entrepreneurs based out of Waterloo, Ontario Canada and Los Angeles, California, USA. All of which were ex-smokers who used vaping products as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The consensus experience between them was that traditional vaping systems were not very practical for day to day life and for the mainstream market to adopt vapour as a real alternative, the technology would need to be made user-friendly. 

With that mission in mind, they created STLTH a closed-loop system that was designed for the masses. The objective was simple, to provide an affordable closed system to give adult smokers a viable alternative to traditional tobacco. 

Our Brand 

Our founders have over 20 years of cumulative experience in the vaporizer space. We are committed to satisfying our customers with a simple product that is effective and affordable. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty on all our battery products. We are committed to making our shopping experience seamless and user-friendly.

Engage with STLTH
We strive to be transparent and available when our customers have questions or concerns. The following are some ways you can contact and engage with the STLTH team:
1. Support Chat: Our customer service representatives on our site are available to answer questions our customers may have. You can also get information on products and services through this chat function. 
3. Email us at