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Vaping is a relatively new activity which has been around for only last 15 years but has already become very popular among people who are looking for a solution to quit smoking. Since it's invention, the design of e-cigarettes was constantly changing: from cigalikes to vape pens and mods. The focus of manufactures was to accommodate more power and battery capacity, therefore the size of devices had a tendency to become bigger and bigger to increase the performance.

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Moreover, the devices became much more complex to use and maintain, which scares off ex-smokers who are looking for a simple vaporizer to switch to. Pod vape systems appeared on the market just a while ago. They are small, lightweight and easy to operate, which made them an ideal starting point for smokers to make a switch to vaping.  Pod devices consist of only 2 parts - battery and cartridges with e-liquid. Another major advantage is the capability of pod devices to function with e-liquids with high nicotine concentration, delivering satisfying throat hit. Since each cartridge is sealed and disposable, the leak is eliminated. Pod systems are still a small segment of the e-cigarette market, but they are getting a lot more popular every day. Pod vapes are the future. 

There are a couple leading products on the market at the moment. JUUL has become one of the most selling e-cigarettes on the market, since launching about two years ago in the United States. The term, known as juuling, quickly became viral throughout social media. Due to a small and discreet design, reminding a regular USB flash drive, it has gained a popularity among young people, sometimes underaged. JUUL sells its' devices only in the USA, it is not available in Canada. The battery capacity is only 200 mAh which means it will need frequent charges. Another drawback of the JUUL system is that each pod has only .7mL e-liquid in it. There is also only one choice of nicotine strength available, which many users find too strong.

STLTH Vape has a different approach. It has the best performance among all available pod devices, providing the closest sensation to smoking. Its' innovative and unique rubber body design was made for exceptional comfort when holding in hand. The STLTH device is equipped with long lasting 350 mAh battery, which is more than enough for full day use. Each cartridge contains 2mL of high-quality salt nicotine e-liquid, more than any other alternative. The STLTH Vape developers also came up with 2 different nicotine strengths to meet the needs of every client. All the features of this incredible device prove that it is the best cigarette alternative on the market, known as a better option than Juul in Canada. 

Vaping products contain nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive. Vaping products also release chemicals that can harm your health. Youth and adult non-smokers should not vape.